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Automatic platform lifts

Automatic platform lifts (Home Lift)

In addition to the manual version, Rerman also makes the lift platform "Dolcevita" in the automatic version.
The model "Dolcevita Automatic" additionally offers two important characteristics: the manoeuvre is automatic (meaning it is not necessary to press a button to move the system), the cab doors and landing doors are also automatic and can be opened at the same time.
This product is also certified as per the Machines Directive 2006/42/EC.

Automatic platforms come in a multitude of dimensions and they also vary in the number of access doors and types.

The Dolcevita Automatic platform can either be electric or hydraulic. The advantage to installing a hydraulic system is the lower initial cost, otherwise the electric version can boast the following advantages:
  • 0.5 Kw electric motor located overhead (compared to a 1.5 kg motor in the hydraulic version);
  • Absence of a machine room (or cabinet)
  • Need for less maintenance.
Automatic platform lifts
Automatic platform lifts
Automatic platform lifts
Automatic platform lifts
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