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Energy saving elevator

Energy saving elevator: Ecophase

ECOPHASE is the new, revolutionary lift offered by Rerman, destined to create a decisive change in the field of lifts.
This system was conceived to achieve the greatest energy savings and consequently the greatest economic savings for the end customer.
Above all these lifts have the great advantage of functioning with mono-phase 220V electricity (commonly used in all houses) and are made with lower power motors than your hairdryer, variable from 1,2 to 1,5 KW according the load.

They are mainly meant for the residential building market, both for new construction systems and for renovations of old existing ones that no longer work.
These are lifts that can be defined as Class A, in light of the enormous energy savings it they give, even though there are no laws regarding this.

Cost projections:
3 KW - 220 V15 KW - 380 V
€ 500,66€ 1.609,57
(ex. 1000 KW/h)
€ 440,97€ 856,05
FIXED PRICE€ 156,00€ 403,20
1st YEAR
€ 941,64€ 2.465,62
Indicative cost projection. The values may vary based on rates applied by the electric company.

Since 2011 ECOPHASE can be equipped with the innovative devices ECOSTOP and INVERTER:

The power supply of the entire system shuts down during stand-by. This results in an annual savings of up to 90% on the cost of electricity.

This transforms the movement of the lift, both up and down, into electricity the customer can use for other aims, with a clear return in terms of economics and safeguarding the environment.

Here is a summary of the other important advantages you will have by installing an ECOPHASE lift:
  • Can be paired with photovoltaic panels in order to make them electrically autonomous. We therefore invite you allow our staff come to inspect, and after the proper verifications of your case, you will receive a detailed estimate of the cost.
  • It is possible to install them with regenerative systems for even more savings, because they transform every brake of the system into electric energy. This energy can be put back into the network or reused on an adjacent lift, in the case of multiple systems.
  • They guarantee maximum safety; in fact, they are always installed with the anti-black-out device that takes the cab back to the landing with the doors opening in the case of a blackout.
  • They can be equipped with a remote diagnostic system, making it possible for us to perform the main reactivations of the system through the control computer located at our assistance centre, with consequent time and money savings because you will no longer need to wait for an inspection with a technician and pay for his trip.
  • There is even space savings, in fact the control board is located inside the hoistway, in the doorframe of the last floor, as such it does not require an external machine room.
  • Ecophase assures low noise and to further increase comfort, it can be installed with an inverter equipped with a silenced remote switch.
  • It is totally customizable, in fact the finishing of the cab and landing doors can be of any type, from steel to wood or laminate according to the customer's preferences.
  • They can be made to order and inside metallic enclosures in both stairwells or outside of the building, this is a system that can be paired with every kind of cab, like every type of conventional, panoramic or made to order lift.

Lastly, it is important to highlight an important consideration: issues connected to drastic climate changes due to man's polluting activities are always more and more in the news. Many people are attempting to do something to try to improve this situation. Some companies, like ours, are seeking to create and offer products that have greater respect for nature and the environment.

ECOPHASE fully meets these expectations. The drastic reduction in energy consumption is possible thanks to the new mono-phase motor, meaning less energy exploitation and subsequent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The environment is further protected from the thousands of tons of CO² emitted into the atmosphere due to hydraulic oil production used by traditional motors, and subsequent disposal.
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Energy saving elevatorsThe control-board is completely inserted into the doorframe at the landing, guaranteeing greatest energy savings.
It can also be located in other places on request.