Italian design and technology in the uplifting system



Cabins and finishes

Luce Cabin
Being considered an ideal cabin for the elevators installed in homes and modern luxurious apartments, the LUCE cabin presents a polished or satiny aluminum structure with back-painted safety glass panels.
Pure idea of great brightness and gloss is used to increase the feeling of space.
Available also in panoramic version with a glass wall.
Vertical finishes
GC 9010GC 9010
GC 1603GC 1603
GC 1601GC 1601
GC 1236GC 1236
GC 2001GC 2001
GC 1586GC 1586
GC 3004GC 3004
GC 5002GC 5002
GC 9005GC 9005
Floors - Granite
lime .525lime
light coral .547light coral
gentle green .531gentle green
precious blue .541precious blue
desert rock .454desert rock
light sepia .505light sepia
golden brown .653golden brown
white sand .608white sand
cosmic snow .431cosmic snow
Floors - Linoleum
dawne grey .622dawne grey
steel grey .624steel grey
sapphire .837sapphire
ruby .511ruby
terracotta .525terracotta
clover .333clover
charcoal .614charcoal
Floors - Wood
rovere fumèrovere fumè
noce inlinenoce inline
Lighting - Low consumption Led (A class)
Low consumption Led
Low consumption Led
Low consumption Led A class
Push buttons
plexistyle glossyplexistyle glossy
plexistyle satinplexistyle satin
plexistyle whiteplexistyle white
plexistyle blackplexistyle black
inox glossyinox glossy
inox satininox satin