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Seated stairlift

Seated stairlift

The choice to install a stairlift (also called a stairclimber) can be truly important in the lives of many families. A choice that is destined to make daily life easier for those who live in multiple-storey houses and have a hard time going up and down the stairs.
The seated stairlifts offered by Rerman are the ideal solution for moving from one floor to another, in safety and ease.
Straight, spiral with curves, narrow or wide: no stairs are impossible for Rerman.

Our stairlifts find space even in the smallest houses. When they are not in use, in fact, they do not take up space or hamper the way. The seat folds in one easy movement, all which can be done in be done even by the eldest people. It is kept in a horizontal position by an additional motor, commanded by a microchip. The chain railing has the practical characteristic of being automatically foldable, thus not hampering the way or access to any adjacent doors.

The Rerman seated stairlift, thanks to its special traction system with two pinions and two motors, makes for excellent track hold for every type of stairway. In normal conditions, motors work at 50% thus guaranteeing utmost silence, minimum wear and, therefore, a longer life of the system and limiting the need for assistance. Each of the two motors is capable of performing all the work: if one motor breaks down, the other always continues working.

Below is a summary of the main characteristics of the seated stairlifts we offer:
  • suited to every type of stairway (minimum width 690 mm);
  • designed and made to order;
  • easy and intuitive to manoeuvre;
  • not bulky (can be folded);
  • extremely quiet;
  • careful design, with a broad choice of models and seats;
  • superior safety standards;
  • low energy consumption;
  • fast delivery and installation;
  • assistance and maintenance all over Italy;
  • 2 year warranty.
Seated stairlift
Seated stairlift
Seated stairlift
Seated stairlift
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