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Manual platform lifts

Manual platform lift (Home Lift)

For condominiums and buildings with a limited number of floors (generally 2/3) or for private homes, often a platform lift is preferred due to lower costs and to fewer wall limitations compared to normal lifts.

"Dolcevita" is the platform model offered by Rerman, and it offers the best quality in the field regarding functionality and finishing. "Dolcevita" is available in both standard sizes and to order, as per the customer's needs.
This model is certified as per the Machines Directive 2006/42/EC.

Platforms are different from normal lifts because of the following characteristics:
  • Speed of 0.15 m/sec;
  • 1.5 kw, monophase, 220 volt motor;
  • Absence of in-ground pit and overhead space.

Manual platforms are different from automatic ones because of the following characteristics:
  • Absence of cab door;
  • Manually opening floor doors;
  • Moves when you push a button.

The Dolcevita platform can either be electric or hydraulic. The advantage to installing a hydraulic system is the lower initial cost, otherwise the electric version can boast the following advantages:
  • 0.5 Kw electric motor located overhead (compared to a 1.5 kg motor in the hydraulic version);
  • Absence of a machine room (or cabinet)
  • Need for less maintenance.

You can find the minimum size values of "Dolcevita" line models in the table below:

Type Cab dimensions
Minimum shaft sizes
in masonry (mm)
Minimum shaft sizes in metal structure (mm)
Dolcevita 1 800 x 1200 1150 x 1360 1250 x 1470
Dolcevita 2 1000 x 1200 1350 x 1360 1100 x 1470
Dolcevita 3 1100 x 1400 1450 x 1670 1400 x 1670
Manual platform lifts
Manual platform lifts
Manual platform lifts
Manual platform lifts
Manual platform lifts
Manual platform lifts
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